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How to feel fancypants

October 23, 2011

Last night I prepared one of the most gourmet dinners I have prepared in a very long time. It was incredibly fancypants. What’s really wonderful about this highbrow meal is I spent about 10 minutes preparing it and the cost was under $5. Pizza. Simple, glorious pizza. It was the ingredients that made it fancy. […]

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Blue Palate Special: A make-ahead fix for the brown bag salad

September 20, 2011

I love the idea of bringing a green salad to work for lunch. It’s light and healthy. You can add pretty much any ingredient to lettuce and call it a salad. Endless, delicious variety. However, it’s time consuming. There’s all that chopping. For a truly fresh and crisp salad, you can’t prepare it on Sunday […]

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Blue Palate Special: A marinade for slackers

June 13, 2011

Who has time to marinade? Well, perhaps the most devoted grill masters plan ahead, drenching and soaking meat in a sweet, vinegary base hours before it hits the heat. I, however, never have enough foresight. Grilling is typically planned on a whim, as it was recently at our backyard barbecue this past weekend. Chicken kebabs. […]

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Blue Palate Special: Black Beans a l’Awesome

May 27, 2009

Black beans are a true Blue Palate Special. They’re full of protein, folate, fiber, magnesium, iron and other wonderful nutrients. Black beans low in fat and can cost as low as $0.49 per can. And prepared my special way they can be quite delicious and served a variety of ways. This recipe takes about 15 […]

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Blue Palate Special: Chicken Dinner

January 6, 2009

A roast chicken is an absolutely perfect meal.  Tender meat infused with garlic or herbs or citrus, potatoes and carrots or other tough vegetables that can withstand a couple of hours simmering in the savory juices. Chicken dinners are simple but feel like something extravagant, specially when presented on a platter and carved at the […]

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